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Creating a new standard for high quality breeding

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We believe that being a breeder, regardless of species, comes with moral and ethical obligations. We believe we have an obligation to not contribute to the overpopulation of homeless and shelter animals; both directly and indirectly. We find it necessary to health test our animals with all required testing to ensure not only that we are producing healthy puppies, but that our dogs themselves are healthy, thriving and of sound body to be bred. We believe offering breeding rights should be on a very limited basis, and only to those who hold the responsibility in as high regard as we do. We believe dogs should be family first; and should be offered our love, loyalty and respect, as they give us theirs.  We believe by limiting the breeds we offer, we are able to focus our knowledge and efforts into producing the highest quality of pet to our fur families. We believe the personality of the Cavalier King Charles to be one of life’s greatest gifts and should be treasured; and breeding should seek to keep the endearing qualities of the breed prevalent and notable.

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We pride ourselves on dedicating our breeding program to creating healthy family pets. We value our dogs as family members, and look for fur families who will offer the same to our puppies. We value genetic diversity and educating ourselves on genetic variations, diseases and traits. We strive to constantly be learning, and educating ourselves with the most up to date information for quality breeding practices. In order to ensure we are breeding only the highest quality puppies, we perform all AKC recommended health testing as well as Genetic testing and Annual overall health checks at our vet. We offer a health guarantee on all of our puppies, as well as lifetime breeder support. Our idea of "breeder support" is to help when you have a particularly stubborn puppy in the potty training phase; Or you feel they have developed bad manors. If you find yourself struggling with puppy chewing, or barking. Anything you may feel you could use advice or help with, we are here. We are here to offer every bit of guidance we can thru the puppy stages and throughout your pets life.

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Why We Started

We fell in love with the affectionate nature of the Cavalier King Charles over a decade ago. They have always proven to be the best fit when it came to our family. We have 5 children and live an active lifestyle! Our fur babies are happy to go where we go, whether it be the mountains, the lakes or the couch. 
When we decided to breed these beautiful dogs, our first goal was to be sure we bred HEALTHY family pets. We know as a busy family what unexpected vet bills can do, as well as how devastating saying goodbye to soon can be. That is why we decided to make every effort to ensure our puppies would be around and healthy with their furever families for as long as possible. 
We find great joy in bringing families the kind of love and companionship we have found in our Cavies. We look forward to having an opportunity to bring together you and your own furever fur baby.

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Weston, ID 83286, USA

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