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With about 100+ brands to choose from, how we decided what was best for our dogs total health and wellbeing. 

Like most pet parents, we have done the rounds when it comes to pet food. We have tried SOO many different brands and recipes, and honestly we always felt like we were sacrificing one benefit for another. We actively searched for heart healthy recipes, but then noticed dry coats, excess itching, and SO MUCH POOP. 

Quality grains are an absolute must for the cavalier breed. Quality grains, protein, and healthy fats/ omega's make up a recipe to aid in a strong heart and healthy joints throughout their life.  We do not feed any chicken, chicken meal or chicken byproduct. We noticed an increase in ear infections when we fed food options that included chicken. It was simply our experience with chicken based foods, and we've seen significant improvements since eliminating it. 

For a time we fed specialty foods, but found it wasn't a good fit for the majority of our families who wanted options they could easily access in a pet store. So we decided the best thing to do would be to find a food that was easily accessible but highly nutritious in ways specific to a cavaliers needs. We do still feed a combination of foods, because we still haven't found just one food that has it all. Any one of these on their own though, would be a great option for your pet. 

Canidae- Bison Lentil and Carrot recipe

Blue Buffalo Basics- Skin and Stomach Salmon and Potato recipe * Be sure not to grab the grain free option

Simply Nourish Lamb and Oatmeal recipe

We are always happy to assist in food selection. We know it can be overwhelming with so many options, but we can help you find a quality option that works for you.

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